Pancake Fundraiser

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Zachary’s school is having a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser. How do we plan how many pancakes we will need so everyone will go home happy!  What are some questions you have? What information do you need? What can you do if you had that information?


4-Inch  Pancakes Mix    Water
6-7 1 cup         2/3 cup
12-14 2 cups         1 1/3 cups
18-21 3 cups         2 cups

Tip: For thicker pancakes add more mix.

Krusteaz Blueberry Pancake Mix 28oz_media-03

Let’s have a math chat! Leave me a response to this math happening.

What do you wonder about?

What do you know or notice?

What information do you need?

MORE Pancake Breakfast INFO

What assumptions can you make?

What math will you use to solve the problem?

Different brand brings different dilemmas 🙂

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