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Yesterday, we took grandma out to lunch at her favorite Noodle Shop. This month, we are keeping a budget of how much we spend eating out.When I reached into my purse, I pulled out my receipt and realized I used the top of the receipt as a gum wrapper. Can I find out how much I spent on lunch? How could I use the math I know?


Let’s have a math chat! Leave me a response to this math happening.

What do you wonder about?

What do you know or notice?

What information do you need?

What assumptions can you make?

What math will you use to solve the problem?

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    • Curious Child on March 4, 2017 at 3:37 am
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    Well, one thing you can do is divide 5.37/2 and get 2.685, which would tell me 10% of the bill was 2.685. If I multiply that by 10 to get 100% of the bill that would be $26.85. That is how much the bill came to. Now I would ask, what did they order?

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