What Collections Do You Cherish?

Do you have a collection that you cherish?

In the  collection box and outside the box

Problem Posing:

How  is the best way to keep count of your collections?

How might I count up the collection in the most efficient way?

Important Quantities: 

If I knew how many Lego Figurines I can fit in each row, I can find the total Figurines in each row.

If I knew  (the number of rows) and keep adding that number for each row as I go up, I can figure out the total in the box.

If I know how many outside the box, then I can add it to my collection.

Build your Model

(Number of figurine in each row) x (the number of rows) + (number of  what is in outside the box)

Counting collection is a great math routine as well as a great activity that connects easily to students’  intrinsic curiosity for numbers and sorting and categorizing. Do you all remember the nights when you would come home after trick o’ treating and dumped your bag to then sort and count your candy collection?

We are natural quantitative thinkers! Amplify that math inclination in all our kids!

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