Duck Donut Dilemma

How many different flavors of donuts do they have at Duck Donuts?

One of our favorite places in the Outerbanks was Duck Donuts! Now they have stores in Northern Virginia!photo 3
What is your favorite flavor? Mine is strawberry with bacon or blueberry. If Baskin Robbin raved about having 31 flavors, what could Duck Donuts rave about? What are all the distinct flavors they offer?

Remember some donuts can’t have sprinkles/toppings on it since it will not stick to powdered donuts.

You can have no toppings, 1 topping, 2 toppings, 3 toppings and 4 toppings. Look at the order form below and tell how many flavors they have.


Also Donuts are $1.20 for a single, $6.75 for a 1/2 dozen, $11.95 for a dozen and $16.50 for a bucket. What is the best deal? How much do you save when you buy a bucket?

order form

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