Setting Up the Table

Problem Posing:

How do you set your table?

Important Quantities:

If I knew what we were eating for the night, I would add forks or knives but our go to is spoon and chopsticks.

What about others in my class? What does their table settings look like?

Who is at the dinner table at my house? Who might join us for a celebration as  “extended family”?

Build your Model:

Number of utensils needed per person x the number of people? Are their toddlers who use a spork (Spoon fork)?


Setting table has lots of connections to repeating patterns. What is the core? It could consist of plate, soup bowl, salad bowl, spoon, fork and glass, repeat, repeat, repeat. This is a great connection to developing pattern recognition and extending the pattern. It can also be algebraic in nature in thinking about the number of items needed for x number of people! Have fun setting up the table! 


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