Alice’s Thanksgiving Planner

ThanksgivingDinnerMy niece, Alice, loves logistics- She is the family planner! Every Thanksgiving, she hosts the Family Reunion with an America traditional Thanksgiving meal (sometimes, kimchi will appear:) She typically has 20 guests. She has one oven with four cooktops and does not like to reheat her dishes.

Problem Posing:
QuestionHow can she schedule the cooking time so that all of her food will be cooked and ready?

What do we need to know?

If I knew_______then, I can figure out_________. (Make assumptions.)

    • We need to know how long each food item takes to cook.
    • Create a menu and figure out cooktime.
    • We need to also know if it requires the stove top or oven.
  •  Do the math! Solve!

Build a Math Model or General Rule:
What math can I use to solve the problem?)I can use elapsed time to figure out a schedule. See her schedule.

Math Model or General Rule: Start with the food item that will require longest time to cook.Determine what can be served room temperature.

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