Pascal’s Pizza Pizzazz

cropped-diagonals_polygon.gif Math Happening- Fridays are always Pizza night!

Each Friday, we try to order a different pizza with our 5 favorite toppings. Some night we feel like having just plain good ole NY style Cheese pizza with no toppings. Our family favorite toppings are: Pepperoni, Spinach, Ham, Mushrooms, Tomatoes.


What questions do you have ? What do you wonder about?

cropped-diagonals_polygon.gif Posing my math question: What are all the different pizzas we can order with 5 toppings? Would we have enough flavors to not repeat in one year ?

Lead a math modeling chat

What do you wonder about?

What do you know or notice?

What information do you need?

What assumptions can you make?

How will you solve the problem?

Math Wonders:

How is the combination math happening related to Pascal’s Triangle?

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