Best Disney Movie Ever!


What is the Problem?

What is the “best” Disney Movie?

What do we know?

Disney movies are fun for all ages.

There are lots of princess movies but there are more genres than fairytales!

Some are animated and some are movies with real actors.

There is usually a happy ending.

What do we need to know?

We can find out:

-The movie that made the most money?

-The most watched movie in the first week?

-The most awarded movie?

Data from Disney Movies:

Box Office


Do the math:

Click here for the table from the box office
What do you notice and wonder about the data in the table? How did the box office rank the “best” movie? What other ways can you choose the “best” movie?

 * What math did you use to determine the “best” movie? What would you use as criteria for rating and ranking the “best” Disney movie? What is most important to you? What is most important to your friend? Do you agree on the criteria?

Does the solution make sense?  Do others agree with you? Why or why not?
How can you Revise, Refine and Report your solution? How might others come to a different solution?

 Mathematical Modeling Memo.disney

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