Back to School Supplies

Want an engaging way to heighten students’ awareness of conservation? Pose the Back to School Supply Challenge Modeling task

Mathematical Modeling Task That Connect to Students’ Lives & Conservation

This was a Modeling task done in k-6 classrooms. The modeling pathways teachers took connected to their curricular goals. Grades k-1 counting and bundling, Grades 2-3 addition and subtraction for inventory. Grades 4-6 collecting data on usage and predicting and prescribing allowance for school supplies.

a) What’s the “Math Happening”?        

(What do you wonder about? What do you notice?)

Each year we collect new school supplies for the school year.
Problem Posing:
(sample questions) Do we need all of it? Do we use our supplies wisely

b) What do we already know?

(What do we already know that can help us?)

We have a school supply list SUPPLYLIST18-19


We assume that these supplies are needed as we learn throughout the year.

c) What do we need to know? 

(If I knew_______then, I can figure out_________. (Make assumptions.)


If I knew how many pencils we use each month, then I can figure out how many pencils we need for the

entire year.

d) Do the math! Solve!
Build a Math Model or General Rule(What math can I use to solve the problem?)Solve
e) Does the solution make sense?

(Think back to the problem statement. Does the solution work?)


Does this solution account for broken and lost pencils?

f) How can you Revise, Refine and Report your solution? (What might you change?)



Tools for math modeling


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