Candy Trays

Trays of Candy


For Valentines Day this year, we will make our own special chocolate candies to package and share with our loves ones. Each square on a tray holds a piece of candy. (Show tiles to represent pieces of candy.)  How many different trays can you make that hold 12 pieces of candy?  The candy has to fill up all the space on the tray and be only one layer high.  Explain how you know you found all the different sizes of trays.


We are thinking about making trays that hold 48 or 37 candies. Find and show all of the different sizes of trays possible that hold 48 or 37 candies.  Which number (12, 37, or 48) gives you the most different-sized trays? Explain your work.

I want to know the number that will give us the most different-sized trays. Draw pictures, write equations and use words to explain your choice.

What if, we wanted to change the design of the boxes to include other shapes like a triangular design like below?

How many candies will some different size boxes hold?




Describe a way you can find the number of candies in any box.

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