Lone Star Candelier

I just visited San Antonio for NCTM and saw this beautiful “can”delier made of recycled soda can. I love the exquisite design and pattern and wanted to take a picture so I can make one some day. What pattern do you notice? How many soda cans will I need to collect?

star soda

side viewsoda

soda star side view star arm star deco

Love all this pattern! For more patterns – Click here for interesting pattern cards


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    • Debra plowman on July 18, 2019 at 4:21 pm
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    Hi! We also created problems using the giant star in Fort Worth convention center made out of hats! We have a large group of middle school teachers in east Texas. I will share your work with them as they are always looking for more good algebraic patterns to use with their students. If you have not yet read Mark Driscoll’s book, Fostering Algebraic Thinking I highly recommend it. We use the letter shape problems for these linear function patterns.


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