Planning a field trip

Problem Posing

Sample Prompt:  

    • What do you wonder about?
    • From the list of wonders, how can we use math to make a decision? How can math serve our needs?            
    • What do you notice? What do you wonder?
    • What is interesting or important about this situation?
    • Who cares about this situation?
    • What other information do you need?  Are there important quantities?

      How many seats on the bus? How many kids/adults can seat in a seat?
      How many students going on the field trip? How many teachers & chaperones?

      Making Assumptions and Considering the Variables

      Sample Prompt:  

      Gathering Information

        • If I knew______, then I could figure out_______
        • Let’s assume__________.
        • What assumptions can we make around the problem to simplify the problem posed?
      • Here is some information to help the with their math happening.

        School roster

      Solving- Doing the Mathematics/Building a model

      Sample Prompt:  

      • What math do you know that can help you solve the problem?
      • What are some common misconceptions that could arise at this stage, and how can they be addressed?
      • Sample Prompt:  
        • How might we use our solution to other similar problems?
        • Can this solution help us with other problems?

         Is there a model/formula that I can reuse or share with other field trip planners?

        Analyzing and revising the model

        Sample Prompt:  

        • How might we become even more precise with our model?
        • How might our model change if we changed some of our previous assumptions?

        Reporting out- Sharing & Connecting Real world Math to school math

        Sample Prompt:  

        • How does all the math we used in this problem relate to what we covering as math topics this year?
        • Can you identify all the math and strategies we used to tackle this problem?

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