Cultural Sustaining & Relevant Pedagogy

Math Happening is a cultural sustaining pedagogy (Paris & Alim) to honor the math we engage in while embracing the cultural pluralism in our schools and community and tapping into students and  family funds of knowledge. 

This approach supports three important tenants in Catalyzing Change for Better Mathematics!

1) Broadening the purposes of learning math. Each and every student should develop mathematical understanding as confident and capable learners, understand and critique the world through mathematics and experience the wonder, joy and beauty of mathematics. 

2) Implementing equitable mathematics instruction. Mathematics instruction should be consistent with research informed and equitable teaching practices that nurture children’s positive mathematical identities and strong sense of agency. 

3) Developing deep mathematical understanding. Early childhood settings and elementary schools should build a strong foundation of deep mathematical understanding, emphasize reasoning and sensemaking, and ensure the highest quality mathematics education for each and every child.